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A lucky Dzongkhag

Samtse is all set to host the 111th National Day. The otherwise quite dzongkhag has suddenly come to life for the past few days with people from across the country heading down to the dzongkhag to witness the historic National Day celebrations. His Majesty The King, His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyaplo, Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen, His Royal Highness The Gyalsey, His Holiness the Je Khenpo, members of the Royal family, the Prime Minister and other guests will grace the historic Day.

It is not the first time Samtse is hosting the National Day. In fact, Samtse had been lucky to host the important day three times in the past. No other dzongkhags had hosted the National Day four times apart from Thimphu, the capital city. This year it is more special as it is for the first time that three generations of the Wangchuck Dynasty is attending the National Day symbolizing the milestone, the triple one (one hundred and eleven) years Bhutan has reached under the Wangchuck Dynasty since December 17, 1907.

On December 17, 1907, the Bhutanese people unanimously elected Gongsar Ugyen Wangchuck as the First hereditary King of Bhutan ushering in an era of peace, unity and prosperity. The National Day celebration in Samtse is significant in many ways. The dzongkhag has prospered under the reigns of the successive Kings.

Today, Samtse can boast as one of the richest dzongkhags in the country. It is blessed with natural resources, minerals deposit, flat and fertile agriculture land where people can cultivate rice twice a year. It boasts of a state of the art Hindu Mandir, given as a gift to people by His Majesty The King. Samtse is now connected with a new broad internal road bypassing the Indian highway. This is providing security in communication.

Most remote places like Tading and Dorokha are now connected with roads and farmers are finding new opportunities from the rapid development activities that the dzongkhag had seen in the last few decades.

Politically, Samtse is one Dzongkhag that has always represented with an elected minister. The close proximity to the Indian market has seen people prosper. Today, the main cash crops are cardamom and oranges that is transforming the lives of the poor people.

As thousands of people gather at Samtse to take part in the celebrations, it is an opportunity to thank Their Majesties for the unconditional love they have for the people. As people drive or hitch ride to the celebration ground from the nooks and corners of the dzongkhag, they will thank the Kings for the unprecedented development, peace and security they have brought to the country.

It is indeed an opportunity to thank Their Majesties and re-dedicate their service to the Tsawa Sum.

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