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To see beyond, the government must help too

In closing businesses, it is not a mere string of shops, it is the bread and butter of thousands of families and abruptly closing down a business that has been there for decades, the government must think of ways to benefit the people that have survived through the business so far. The idea is noble, or not, it is arguable …

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Gewog Administrations tops complaints leading to investigation: ACC report

By Puran Gurung In Anti-Corruption Commission’s Annual Report (2020-2021) – the commission registered highest complaints against gewog administrations that qualified for investigation. ACC reported that the commission in terms of agency, it received highest complaints against gewog administration with 15 complaints, followed by 10 complaints against ministries and then nine complaints against corporations. There were four complaints against Thromdes and …

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Pathways to maximize GNH and achievement of SDGs by 2030

In line to maximize Gross National Happiness and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, the Ministry for Agriculture and Forest is laying the foundation by embarking on eight ambitious and transformative pathways over the next decade. According to Bhutan National Pathways (BNP) launched by MoAF, these transformative pathways will ensure that Bhutan’s food systems assure access to …

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