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34 tourists to arrive in April

โ€ฆ The first large group to arrive in the country

Puran Gurung

On April 2, a group of 34 tourists will arrive in the country.

This will be the first large group of tourists visiting the country after the lone 71-year-old Frances H Bak visited the country in August 2021.

In this group of tourists, they are mostly American, and then others are British, New Zealanders, German and French. They are in the country for 27 nights.

Their travel will be hosted by the travel agency Sacred Bhutan Travel. They will be following the usual itinerary route, and they are expected to do a cultural tour with a little trek as it is on long tours.

According to the listing description of the company, Sacred Himalaya Travel in the Tourism Council of Bhutan portal, the tour operator was established in 2006 and offers various tour packages including culture tours, trekking tours, dharma tours, wildlife and birding tours, motorcycle tours, and car rally tours. 

They will undergo mandatory quarantine in Thimphu.

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