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Polyhouse Farming- could this be the last straw for self-sufficiency!

Tenzin Lhaden & Sonam Deki Although agriculture has always been the foundation of the nation, its significance became fully apparent during the time of pandemic, when borders were closed on March 24, 2020 that the country adopted as a preventive measure for the Covid-19 which also led to curtailing imports. Nevertheless, this swayed to re-think countryโ€™s policies and priorities where …

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108 Stories from Women of Bhutan, Feminism our ways

By Tenzin Lhaden When the team first started, they wanted to write stories about inspiring women of Bhutan. 108 is such an auspicious number which is why they decided to write 108 stories in the book. They started collecting stories from 2020.As of now, they have collected about 70 stories and yet to collect more from all over Bhutan. The …

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Increasing Bhutanese Content Creators

The youth of new generation is breaking the stereotype of profession and charting into the digital workstations By Tenzin Lhaden Anyone would be charmed by the idea of having their own social media page or a YouTube channel where they can create their own contents and upload given the continuous extension of the video creating cultureAll things considered, a fun …

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Chichi CFM – Redefining Venders and Shoppers with ambience and amenities

Sonam Deki & Sonam ChokiIt has been more than a decade that the Centenary Farmers Market (CFM) had last facelift. There was urgency for the change to convert dingy vegetable market in the capital city to a modern outlook with befitting amenities. Of many priority projects undertaken to revise Thimphu structure master plan, the Centenary Farmers Market is one of …

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Unregulated E- Commerce business a heaven for defrauders

By Sonam Deki According to the Regional Trade Office, Department of Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA), there are 111 E-commerce businesses registered with the department as of September 2, 2022.But this is not the only one; there are numerous unidentified online businesses that defraud customers and vendors alike.Online commerce (also known as electronic trade) is the exchange of goods …

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