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Seven women in the National Assembly

The National Assembly (NA) Elections 2018 saw an increaseย  in numbers of women participation with 7 out of 10 getting elected.

This comes at a time when not many women are taking part in the political process.

Druk Nyamrup Tshokpa (DNT) Member of parliament (MP) elect candidate Tshewang Lhamo said that as an elected woman representative, she will make sure the two main pledges for women that are regularizing maids and allowance for the women after birth are fulfilled.

โ€œI will work hard that our future generations especially women take up politics as an avenue to voice for the women and represent them at the parliament level with a good number,โ€ she added.

DNT MP elect candidate Dorjee Wangmo from Haa, Sombeykha said โ€œI think I won the election due to leadership of the President of DNT and may be people believed in our ideology โ€˜Narrowing the Gapโ€™ and the pledgesโ€.

She also said that people might have found me committed and passionate to serve equally as any men candidate can.

She added that as a women MP, she would work as much as those men MPs can work and take part equally with male candidates during the campaigns.

Dechen Wangmo MP elect candidate of DNT said โ€œpriority would be creating enabling environment of women to grow and to productively contribute towards nation buildingโ€.

“Having won the general round of the NA election for country this year as a women candidate, I feel great though the challenges were many including physical and emotional challenges and financial challeges too especially as a single mother.”

DNT MP elect candidate, Dil Maya Rai said โ€œI have made it in this race, I think that there is nothing called impossible if we give our bestโ€.

โ€œAs a women MP i feel there is so much to be done for uplifting women in the society givenย  that women are far behind in terms of tertiary education and white color jobโ€, she said.

She also said, โ€œeven political parties should always make sure that women candidate has a women supporter in the group and assistant in that matter and accordingly help to pay the assistants, so that there is always a woman assistant with the women candidatesโ€.

โ€œI would also do some awarenessย  in the communityย  to really emphasize on education of the girl children and to take extra care of girl children health,โ€ she added.

Tshering Choden, DPT MP elect candidate said โ€œI think people of my constituency valued DPTs motto โ€œequity and justiceโ€ along with the manifesto which is both short term and long termโ€. โ€œPeople have full trust and confidence in DPT as the party has fulfilled their pledges in the past years as ruling and opposition without any discrepanciesโ€.

She also said that they are grateful of what DPT has done in the past and moreover people had confidence in DPT that has experience of both ruling and opposition.They have trust and confidence in me to serve Tsa Wa Sum.

โ€œI am positive that the ruling party will work hand in hand to fulfill our pledges without any discriminationโ€, she added.


By Phurpa Wangmo

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